The Sikkim Nursing Council is a statutory body established by the Indian Nursing Council Act 1947 of to ensure the delivery of safe and effective nursing and midwifery care, to the public, through quality education and best practices.
It is the only professional regulatory body for all cadres of nursing and midwives in Sikkim & India.


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The Sikkim Nursing Council is a body corporate established by the Indian Nursing Council Act of the Laws of India to regulate standards of nursing education and practice.

In India, the nursing and midwifery workforce plays a vital role in health service delivery, providing the bulk of direct patient care.

It is for this reason that we must ensure that the nursing and midwifery workforce is well regulated and equitably distributed at each level of care. This is achieved through capacity building and training of nurses, registration and regulation of their conduct for improved performance of the profession.

To do this, we are guided by the Nurses Act and several other regulatory tools developed for that purpose.

We continue to work with national, regional and international organizations to further our objectives and ensure patient safety and delivery of quality health services. We would like to assure all our clients of excellent service as contained in our service charter and the strategic plan. It is imperative for the nursing and midwifery fraternity to be vibrant in seeking of knowledge and information so that we are not left behind in this dynamic world.

We are committed to providing information to advance the development of nursing and midwifery standards and quality through promoting the culture of information sharing using diverse media. It is my hope that this website will enable nurses, midwives and other stakeholders to access and share information.

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Sikkim Nursing Council, Gangtok, Sikkim.